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Key Industries Brief
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Electronics and Telecommunication Industry

Electronics, also the pillar industry with the largest scale in TEDA, had contributed a turnover of 1539.44 billion yuan by the end of 2011, accounting for 25.2% of the overall production value of the Development Area. There are totally 129 foreign funded IT manufacturers in the Area, who have a total investment of 7.606 billion dollars(2009), with the contracted foreign capital reaching 5.43 billion dollars. Over the past five years, IT industry has enjoyed rapid development in the Area, with the production value rapidly growing from 77.837 billion yuan in 2003 to 143.529 billion yuan in 2008. The figure almost doubled. A powerful industry complex led by Motorola and Samsung, has taken shape here, covering mobile communications, microelectronics, display screen, automobile electronics, electronic components, and household audio and video equipment.



TEDA takes a dominant position and maintains rapid growth in the production of such electronics products as mobile phones, LCDs, digital video cameras, digital cameras, etc. in China and even in the world.

R&D Institutions

  National Supercomputer Center in Tianjin, Samsung Communications Technology Research Ltd, and Samsung Electronics China Institute of International Quality Certification have been established in the Area.

  The Area now boasts 20 engineering technology centers, enterprise technology centers and R & D centers, approved by or registered with national and Tianjin municipal authorities concerned.

  A multi-level innovation mechanism is taking shape, comprising national engineering centers, municipal research centers, universities and colleges, and R & D centers set up by enterprises.

Table: IT Industry R & D Institutes in TEDA

Approved by
R & D institutes
National Supercomputer Center
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center
Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission
Tianjin IC Design Center (Tianjin Qiangxin Semiconductor IC Design Company, Ltd.), Tianjin Municipal Photoelectron Research Center (Tianjin Tianda Laser Technology Development Company)
Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce
Technology Center of Tianjin Stanley Electric Co., Ltd., Technology Center of Tianjin Nankai Guard Group, Technology Center of Tianjin Samsung Display Co., Ltd., Technology Center of Tianjin Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd., Technology Center of Tianjin Ascend Technologies Co., Ltd., Technology Center of Tianjin Zhonghuan High-Tech Co., Ltd, Technology Center of Tianjin Zhonghuan Sanfeng Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Registered with Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce
R & D Center of Honeywell Tianjin, R & D Center of Fujitsu Ten Research & Development (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Tianjin, Panasonic Automotive Systems Development Tianjin Co., Ltd. Rohm Semiconductor R & D Center (China), Motorola Beijing Branch R &D Center, Freescale Semiconductor R & D Center (China), Tianjin Samsung Display R & D Center, R & D Center of CTS (Tianjin) Electronics Company,Ltd., Importek Tianjin.
Nankai University
Research Center of Electro-optical Information Storage and Technology of TEDA School, Nankai University

Competitive Edges of TEDA

Geographic Location and Industrial Chains
Located in the center of the circum-Bohai economic circle and supported by Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, TEDA is adjacent to Tianjin port and serves circum-Bohai region, providing access to the market of North China, Central North China and Northeast China and even the northeast Asian market. It has developed the most complete electronics industrial chain in North China.

HR and R&D
There are 59 institutions of higher learning and 183 vocational and technical schools in Tianjin, which offer ten of thousands of electronics and information graduates and millions of high quality workers.

Infrastructure Facilities
China's first-grade energy supply systems for water, electricity, gas, heat, etc. and various standard factory buildings in TEDA ensure that investors can start production in the same year when they make investments.

In accordance with its guiding principles that "Investors are kings" and "Helping investors with profit making", TEDA not only provides one-stop service which includes the reception of market tours, advice on investment plans, the examination and approval of the establishment of companies but also offers professional services on HR, production operations, bonded warehousing, electronics custom clearance, etc.

As the kernel part of the TBNA, TEDA enjoys the various incentive policies for the pilot operations in the national comprehensive supportive reform.

Industrial Basis
A national electronics and telecommunication industrial base, TEDA has attracted industrial clusters of mobile communication, displays, auto electronics, electronics parts and components, home audio and video equipment, etc. and developed a solid industrial basis.

Plan and Goals

-- Orientation
To build up six industrial bases for telecommunication equipment, new consumer electronics products, new parts and components, TFT-LCDs, auto electronics, and optoelectronics components.

-- Goal
By 2015 the total industrial output value of the electronics and telecommunication industry will be doubled to over 320 billion yuan in TEDA.

-- Focus areas
Communications equipment, new electronic components, new consumer electronics, TFT-LCD, car electronics and optoelectronics.

Industrial structure

Growth of Main Industrial Products of TEDA






Digital Cameras





Digital Video Cameras





Discrete Semiconductor Devices

100 million




Liquid Crystal Displays





Mobile Phones





Mobile Phone Batteries

100 million




Electronics Components

100 million




Large-scale Integrated Circuits

100 million




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