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Key Industries Brief

As the core functional zone of Tianjin Binhai New Area, TEDA maintain the development methodology as "3 Majors, 2 Promoted, 1 Focus", so as to drive the industrial and economic development by the enterprises growth, to hoist the structural adjustment and optimization, to create a high-qualified, high-level, and high-new technological industrial structure.

Quite a number of multinational companies chose TEDA as global manufacturing base, among which Motorola has moved the overseas plants to TEDA, by 8 times of increasing investment, with the accumulative total investment of about 3 billion USD; Samsung Group has invested 10 companies in TEDA among all 11 in Tianjin, with total investment of 1.3 billion USD; FAW-Toyota continued to increase investment and explore production, with 4 plants and total investment of 800 million USD; and Ting Hsin Group from Taiwan developed in TEDA from a small-medium enterprise into the largest food company in China for instant food and beverage product.

Through all these development, TEDA has established 9 major pillar industries, including Telecommunication Industry led by Motorola, Samsung Group, Honeywell, Panasonic etc.; Automotive & Machinery Manufacturing Industry led by FAW-Toyota, Great wall Automotive etc.; Bio-pharmaceutical Industry led by GSK, Novonordisk, Novozyme etc.; Food & Beverage Industry led by Ting Hsin, Coco cola etc.; New Material, New Energy & Ecological Environment Protection Industry led by Motimo membrane, Kyocera solar energy, Toho Lead Recycling etc.; Equipment Manufacturing Industry led by Vestas, DEC Wind Technology etc.; Petro-Chemical Industry led by Bohai Drilling, Great Wall Drilling etc.; Aviation Industry led by the base of Launch Vehicle of new generation etc.; Modern Service Industry including finance, logistic, outsourcing etc.

By the year of 2011, in TEDA in terms of Industrial Output there have been 278 companies exceeding 100 million RMB, 79 exceeding 1 billion RMB, and 12 exceeding 10 billion RMB. TEDA is regarded as the largest production bases for mobile phones, base stations, electronic components, LCDflat-panel TV, enzyme preparation, solar batteries, instant food etc.


Led by Motorola, Samsung, SANYO, Emerson, Fujisu Ten, Schneider, Panasonic, Honeywell, Kyocera, Yamaha, CTS, ALPS etc, by the year of 2011, the total industrial output of Telecommunication industry has reached 1539.44 billion RMB.


Represented by FAW-Toyota, by the year of 2011, the total industrial output of automotive industry has reached 1054.41 billion RMB, which occupied 17.2% of the whole area. The joining-in of Great Wall Automotive, brought new drive for automotive industry of TEDA.


Represented by GSK, Novo Nordisk, Novozyme, Hanaco, TEDA pharm, Tanabe Seiyaku, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Servier etc., quite a lot of enterprises are located in TEDA.


Food & Beverage

Represented by Coca Cola, Nestle, Pepsi Cola, Otsuka, Chia Tai, Hsin, Kraft, Bongrain etc. The food & beverage industry has a vigorous development in TEDA.

New Energy & New Materials

Led by Vestas, DEC Wind Technology Blades, Kyocera etc., brought further energy for TEDA development, and TEDA has obvious advantages especially in terms of complete supplying chain of green battery, wind energy and solar battery etc. Nest step, TEDA will enlarge the industrial scale of green battery, wind energy and solar energy, and promote self-innovation capacity, so as to strengthen international competitiveness. At the same time, TEDA play an active role for the developing of new technology such as hydrogen, geothermal energy, so as to formulate the technology-advanced, highly-opening, large-scale, first-class new energy base all over the world with full-scale of products.

Equipment Manufacturing

Led by SEW, Tong Yee, Butler Steel, Yazaki, John-Deer, Otis etc, the Equipment Manufacturing Industry brought new energy for TEDA further development, by the year of 2011, with industrial value of 711.47 billion RMB, which occupied 11.6% of the total area.


The Petro-Chemical companies such as Bohai Drilling, Bohai Equipment, Great Wall Drilling, PPG Coating, Energizer, BBA, Bridgestone, AKZO Nobel, Lafarge etc., are located in TEDA.


Represented by "new generation space vehicle", Aviation industry is located in the northwest group of TEDA West, where to the east is Zhongxin Zhuang Road, to the west is Hangang Road, to the north is Yangbei Road, and to the south is Nanbei Avenue and Jigang Railway. The planned construction area of the project is about 500,000 sq.m.

After being completed, the industrialization base of the new generation of space vehicle, will have the capacity of product R&D, production of large-scale components, verifying testing, general assembling and testing etc., which will be the sound foundation for the strategic goal of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology to establish international first-class space navigation enterprise.


Recently, TEDA has been regarded as the habitat area for finance sector of Binhai new area, and model region for outsourcing service sector. SCB, HSBC, CitiBank, Mizuho Corporate Bank etc. have established branch banks in TEDA; the non-banking finance organizations such as Finance Leasing of ICBC, Finance Company of Motorola etc. have been located in TEDA; and with fast growth of outsourcing service, CSC, ACS, IBM, Wuxi Pharm, Vimicro, SCB operation center, Tencent etc. chose TEDA as their location.

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