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As a traditional pillar of TEDA, The 142 food suppliers such as Tinghsin International, COFCO Northsea Oils & Grains Industries, Nestle, Bunge Chia Tai, Cargill Food, Coca Cola, and Pepsi Cola are vigorous contributors to the local economy. In 2011, food and beverage industry output value of 56.309 billion yuan, accounting for 9.2% of total industrial output value.

Competitiveness of local food and beverage industry

(1)TEDA's growth is in line with national strategy and its industrial base is solid. TEDA is the base for advanced manufacturing, R&D, and incubation. This industrial park boasts one of the best investment environment and the highest investment return rate. Within 25 years, TEDA has attracted a group of big-name food brands and therefore fostered considerable industrial scale.

(2)TEDA enjoys smooth access to the vast hinterland market, which is marked by surging consumption capacity. Within a radius of 500 kilometers, TEDA can reach 11 of the 32 Chinese mega-cities with a respective population of over one million. This greater region around TEDA accounts for 21.2% of the national GDP and its household consumption keeps booming.

(3)Proximity to a major seaport ensures the low logistics cost of TEDA, a region marked by special customs supervision. Tianjin Port, China's largest grain import terminal in China, received 2.692 million tons of soybean. As a next-door neighbor to Tianjin Port, TEDA has inherent advantage in developing food and beverage industry. Currently, the special-purpose wharfs under planning in the new Nangang Industrial Zone is to build on its logistics capacity to facilitate the massive inflow and outflow of raw materials for food companies like grain and oil processors. Food companies are welcome to establish procurement and logistics centers within the TEDA Bonded Logistics Centers (Type B) and Export Processing Zone so as to extend their value chains, lower logistics cost, and strengthen cash flow.

(4)TEDA boasts convenient access to roads, railway, and air transport.

Road: TEDA is surrounded by 9 highways and 6 national-level roads. From here you can easily reach several mega-cities with a respective population of 1 million.
Railway: It is also connected to 6 railway lines to reach any corner of China. The Inter-city High-speed Railway only takes 50 minutes to travel between Beijing, Tianjin, and TEDA.
Air Transport: TEDA is 180 kilometers from Beijing International Airport and 38 kilometers from Tianjin Binhai International Airport.

(5)The greater TEDA region has a constellation of universities and research institutes which can generate top talents. Every year 120,000 young graduates (majoring in food-related subjects) from Beijing and Tianjin join the industry. Not to mention millions of skilled blue-collar workers in Tianjin alone.

Planning and Development Roadmap of Food and Beverage Industry

Output value

--2010: Output value of food and beverage industry will exceed 30 billion yuan, accounting for 6% of TEDA's total

--2015: Output value will exceed 80 billion yuan, accounting for 7% of TEDA's total. This region will grow into a key R&D and manufacturing base for food and beverage in North China. With its advantage in port facilities and bonded logistics functions, the region will further tap its potential and move up the value chain of food and beverage.

Role Setting

--TEDA will become a role model of safe food production. It will work closely with top-quality raw material suppliers and strengthen supervision to ensure safe and up-to-standard food production procedures. It will also work closely with top-quality end-product suppliers to uplift the supply capacity of raw materials for the food industry in TEDA. In a word, efforts will be made to make the industry safer, greener, and healthier.

--TEDA will encourage local food and beverage companies to be more innovative.

  The scope of TEDA Manufacturing Development Fund will be expanded to cover the upgrading of food production technologies. Special fund will be earmarked for technology renovation of production process, equipment testing, and the upgrading of production line. Subsidies will be available for the rectification of food companies. Local food companies will be encouraged to get involved in the drafting of industry standards.


Nation Company Major products
USA Coca-Cola Beverage
  USA PepsiCo Beverage
  USA Kraft Snacks and beverage
  USA Sundrider Cosmetics
Switzerland Nestle Milk and ice cream
UK BBA Airlaid Feminine hygienic products

Sweden Eccolean Packaging materials
Germany Wella Cosmetics
Singapore Universal Furniture Wood furniture
Taiwan Ting Hsin Instant noodle
Taiwan Carnival Snacks
China HK Markork Furniture Wood furniture
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