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Machinery Manufacturing Industry


After many years of growth, the machinery manufacturing industry, one of the original main industries of TEDA, has built up its strength in the production of elevators, petrochemical machinery, wind power equipment, agricultural machinery, metallurgical machinery, electricity transmission and distribution machinery, etc. and such key parts as decelerators, gearboxes, etc. and attracted Fortune 500 companies like John Deere, Otis, Honeywell, and Schneider, leading companies such as SEW, Zollern decelerators, Metso Minerals, AUMA Actuators, and Bornemann Pumps & Systems, and such leading Chinese companies as CNPC Bohai Equipment Manufacturing, Dongfang Electric, and Tianjin Machinery & Electric Industry.In 2011, output value of 71.147 billion yuan, equipment manufacturing industry, the region accounted for 11.6% of total industrial output value.

Advantage Products

Petrochemical equipment
Wind Power Equipment
Agricultural machinery and equipment
Metallurgical Equipment
Power Transmission Equipment
Reducer, transmission and other key components

Industrial Competitiveness

Favorable Geographic Location

TEDA is located in the center of the circum-Bohai region and adjacent to the Tianjin Port, the largest port in North China. Its advanced transport network is convenient for the marine transport of heavy equipment.

Vast Market

The circum-Bohai region, with the TBNA, the third economic engine of China, as its center, has strong demands for machinery manufacturing in its more intensive strive for industrialization.

Solid Industrial Basis

TEDA is situated in the circum-Bohai region, which has the most advanced machinery industry of China. Tianjin is one of the most advanced industrial cities of the country, with a solid industrial basis. After over 20 years of development, TEDA has clustered many modern electronics and mechanical manufacturers.

Sufficient HR Supply

There are 59 institutions of higher learning, 183 vocational and technical schools in Tianjin, nearly one million skilled workers, and nearly 50,000 mechanical graduates each year, providing abundant HR for TEDA.

Remarkable Clustering Effects

Thanks to the continuous development and opening-up of the TBNA and the enhanced functions of the Tianjin Port, more and more large and influential machinery manufacturing projects have chosen Tianjin and the TBNA in recent years.

Equipment Manufacturing industry production value of 67.725 billion yuan in 2008, the 2004-2009 5 years, the equipment manufacturing industry 22.8% average annual growth of industrial output.

Industrial Plan and Goal


TEDA will develop itself into China's important manufacturing and R&D base, to foster a group of highly competitive products and companies, and to cultivate clusters of machinery manufacturers and key component producers.

Encouraged Industrial Sectors

-- electrical, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, including equipment for power generation, power transmission and distribution, and energy conservation and environmental protection
-- large agricultural equipment and machinery, including agricultural tractors, excavation machinery, lifting and transport machinery, pavement construction machinery, pneumatic tools, etc.
-- oil drilling and exploitation and petrochemical machinery
-- machine tools
-- automatic control systems


By 2015 TEDA's machinery manufacturing industry will contribute a total industrial output value of 300 billion yuan, and 50 new companies in the industry will have their respective output value top one billion yuan.

Nation Company Major products
Germany SEW-EuroDrive Speed reducer
  Germany Zollern Speed reducer
  Germany SMG Lathe
  Germany Buderus Heating Technology Industrial boiler
Finland Metro Mineral Crushing machine
USA John Deer Tractor
USA Otis Elevator Whole elevator and parts
  Liang Chi Cooling Technology Cooling tower
    Zhong Tai Machinery Precision machinery

Japan Morimoto Co., Ltd. Precision guide columns Precision machinery
Japan Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Industrial robots
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