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  Client Feedback

TEDA is a piece of attracting land that boasts fast economic development and first class investment environment. In addition, its fine cultural and aesthetic taste is also bound to draw more foreign attention. I'm convinced that TEDA has a bright future.

----Marc Mimram,World-renowned architect


We are a very small company, but we can feel the considerate services of TEDA government all the time. I'm really proud of being a tax-payer in TEDA because the government here is genuinely dedicated to set up a good platform for the region's companies.

----Jiang Hong,President of Tong Ya Hotel

I have been to many cities and development zones in China. But unlike other places, TEDA has a unique flavor. Wide streets, appealing buildings, good planning, everything is good.

----Wang Chengxi,President of Skyworks, China.

TEDA really can inscribe a fantastic impression on the visiting investors! Firstly, TEDA has better government officers with higher working efficiency as compared with other places. They can use fluent English to talk with visitors, so as to immediately understand the investors which eliminate a major obstacle in the course of discussion. Secondly, the infrastructure of TEDA is first-class all over the county. This region has been regarded as the highest degree of open-up in North China, and its natural environment as well as economic environment are both excellent. In addition, TEDA has fostered its own culture.

----He Weimin,President of HSBC Tianjin Branch

The geographical advantage for export processing business and professional services offered by TEDA government is really impressive. TEDA is the best and most satisfied place for us!

----Dr. Ingo Bretthauer,CEO of Bornemann Pumps and Systems (Tianjin) Co. Ltd

My present achievements are hardly imaginable without TEDA, who provides broad horizon for our development that leads to my success today.

Because TEDA keeps offering excellent and efficient services, many world-famous enterprises choose TEDA one after another, and they not only brought advanced technologies and concepts, but also provides broad space for individual development.

----Ms. Yan Caiming,Vice president of PPG China (Fortune 500)

Few development zones in China have equal advantages like Binhai New District.

Binhai New District has unparalleled edges, including large area of land to be developed, as well Tianjin port and excellent infrastructures, and the most successful development zones in China.

----Han Wenxiu,Director of Macro-finance Bureau, Office of Central Government Leading Group on Finance and Economic Affairs 

Cooperation between Motorola and Tianjin is a "win-win" model

"Tianjin is the 'home' of Motorola in China, and Tianjin is the site of the largest production base of Motorola in the world. Over half of mobile phones, network systems, walkie-talkies and auto electronic products produced by Motorola in Tianjin are exported to foreign countries. Therefore, it enjoys an important status in its global strategy. During the cooperation between Motorola and TEDA in the past 10 years, these two parties have formed a firm strategic cooperative partnership. And the cooperation between the two parties has become the model of a win-win situation and partnership." Said Mr. Ni Mingsheng, vice president of Motorola (Asia-Pacific region), when answering questions of the reporter.

----Mr. Ni Mingsheng, Chairman of the General Manager Committee of Motorola Tianjin Production Base

TEDA is our high yield field

"The advantaged natural environment and the highly efficient and warm sincere service of the government make TEDA a treasured place that one can make a fortune rapidly." said Mr. Wang Gang, standing vice general manager of Tianjin FAW Toyota Co., Ltd.

"In the first year after Tianjin FAW Toyota began batch production, it produced and sold 50,000 automobiles, and the sales income was 6 billion yuan. In that year, Tianjin FAW Toyota paid over 1 billion yuan of tax." said Wang Gang happily.

----Mr. Wang Gang, standing vice general manager of Tianjin FAW Toyota Co., Ltd

"TEDA has been proved an excellent location for Motorola's development. The coordination and help from TEDA officials have played a key role in the rapid implementation and manufacturing of our plant in TEDA."

"Looking into the future, I believe, TEDA will undoubtedly become one of the first class Industrial parks in Asia because of its advantage of geographic location and the untiring efforts of developing its infrastructure facilities."

----Mr. William Saitensice, Financial Manager of Motorola (China) Electronic Co.

"Among all the economic development zones in China, TEDA is a real star. It has complete infrastructure facilities and minimum bureaucratic impact. Its administrative organs have made great progress on strategy plan and problem solving."

"TEDA keeps a wonderful records of well-run service and professional management, and it is an ideal place for Nestle to set up its largest manufacturing base in China"

----Mr. Li Si Da, General Manager of Tianjin Nestle Co.

"TEDA is among the best development zones in China, and will keep its strongest competitiveness in this country"

"I am very glad to be back in TEDA to continue my career. I have seen the great achievement Tianjin Merlin Gerin has made on this piece of prosperous lands."

----Mr. Ke Longzhao, General Manager of Tianjin Meilan Rilan

"American Standards is proud of the cooperation we have had with TEDA, and we expect a pleasant and productive long-term cooperation in the future."

----Mr. William M. Spi, General Manager of American Standards Inc.

"I have been working and living in TEDA for 6 years and witnessed the great change TEDA has made. Every morning when I watch the bristling modern buildings and busy passing-by workers with youthful spirits, my heart is always full of hope and expectations ---- I hope to contribute my own part of efforts to TEDA. I deeply believe that my choice made 6 years ago is correct and the future of TEDA is hopeful and unlimited.

----Mr. Kobori Ryuo, General Manager of Tianfu Soft Pipe Industrial Co.

"TEDA is the window of China's opening up. Its excellent investment environment and incentives are the root of attracting overseas investors from around the world. I believe TEDA will realize its 30-year development plan in an even shorter period."

----Mr. Yin Wulong, General Manager of Tianjin Venus Communication Co.

"TEDA is an ideal kingdom of investment for business, also a cooperative partner of making profits."

----Mr. Zhao Huijing, General Manager of Tianjin Dingyi International Food Co.


The investment environment of TEDA is the most excellent one. There are beautiful schools and hotels in living area, foreign invested enterprises in industrial area, like TOYOTA, who can attract many suppliers. So there is no problem that TEDA will have a great development in the prospective 3 to 5 years.

TEDA provides the businessmen from Japan with various conditions of working and living for a long term. For example, there are Japanese schools in Tianjin downtown, golf court in TEDA and good living conditions. So he believed that there will be no problem for Japanese businessmen and their relatives working and living here.

----Ex-Chairman of Board of Directors and General Manager of TIANJIN YAZAKI AUTOMOTIVE PARTS CO., LTD.

TEDA is developing quite fast, and Samsung which is experiencing double growth. It can not be separated from the successful and excellent investment environment provided by TEDA.

----Mr. Lee Bak June,Chairman of Board of Directors and General Manager of Tianjin Samsung Electric Co., Ltd.

TEDA provides a good business environment and great support to the development of GSK in Tianjin. Undoubtedly, Tianjin is taken as the engine for the entry and development of GSK to China.

----Mr. Christopher Hogg,Executive Chairman of GlaxoSmith Kline Group

The decision to choose Tianjin as the starting point for HengAn Standard is a crucial strategic for us. We are very proud to make such decision to set up our headquarter in Tianjin, and we believe that we will contribute to establishing Tianjin to be the Financial Center in North China.

----Mr. Xian ShuyongGeneral,Manager of HengAn Standard Life Insurance Co.,Ltd.

Bongrain Tianjin is only one of the medium-small sized foreign invested companies in TEDA, and 4 years healthy growth of our company can not be separated from the excellent investment environment of TEDA, as well as the great help and support from TEDA government.

----Mr. Wu Wei, General Manager Assistant of Bongrain International Company from France


As one of the foreign invested companies in TEDA, we are assured for investing here.

----Mr. Takeuchi Narinori,General Manager of TIANJIN DENSO ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.


After visiting TEDA, I was so impressed. I would like to introduce such an internationalized TEDA to the companies and friends in Japan, so that more clients will invest in TEDA.

----Mr. Mekata Shui Chiro The Minister of Economic Department of Japanese Embassy in China

It just took Tianjin OTSUKA 8 months from registration in October of 2002, to production in June of 2003. Such fast speed can not be separated from the support provided by TEDA Administrative Commission.

----Mr. Ochikoichi,General Manager of TIANJIN OTSUKA BEVERAGE CO. ,LTD.

Personally, I have been to TEDA for quite several times, and before our final decision to choose TEDA as our mobile phones plant, we have investigated and compared among many other regions. The excellent investment environment in TEDA is "ideal geographical location", and effective government service is "good people relationship". Without these two points, the companies cannot be successful. Here, in TEDA, we have both points; therefore, we can make profit and operate our business smoothly.

As I know, whether in US or in Korea, after visiting TEDA, many investors would not like to see other regions. The investment environment, genuine attitude of the government, and considerate service of TEDA attract each investor. For instance, some development zones will ignore the investors after projects settled, however, TEDA will provide with timely solution to our problems from the beginning to the end. Moreover, TEDA also help to keep us updated in aspects of central and local policies concerning, which is very crucial to investors.

----Mr. Ukaritakinori,Director of Sanyo Electronic Ltd.

Our group is very confident for Chinese market, and will base on Tianjin to explore Chinese retail market. At the same time, we will rely on the advantaged geographic conditions of Tianjin to establish a logistic center in the form of an E-Mart chain supermarket to cover the world market for New World Korea.

----Mr. Koo Hak Su,Director of Korea New World

Many large automobile companies have chosen TEDA, where they felt comfortable by taking good care by TEDA government. While a small-medium size company like us, located in TEDA, we gained the same service and care from TEDA government, which is quite different from other region.

TEDA government offered us great support from company registration to factory construction, which makes us feel pretty easy to do this project. And this is the unique advantage of TEDA compared with other regions. Therefore, if you choose TEDA, there will be more opportunities.

----Mr. Muramoto Yoichi,Chairman of Board of Directors of Muramoto Tianjin Electronics Co.,Ltd

The excellent investment environment of TEDA, maximizes the profit of the clients here, and contributes greatly to the local economic development. Therefore, TEDA and clients here realize the "win-win" model. We have invested 22 million USD in TEDA, and believe that we will have a much brighter future in TEDA.

----Mr. Ho Yun KIM ,Chairman of Board of Directors of HYUNDAI ELECTRONICS (TIANJIN) MULTIMEDIA CO.,LTD

Besides the favorable policy, lower cost and high-qualified talent, the biggest advantage is the professional service system of TEDA provided to their clients.

Danaher believes that China is a good place for production with a low cost, and we have invested here. Therefore, there will be more production lines being transferring to Tianjin.

----Mr. Hu Dahua,General Manager of DANAHER SETRA-ICG (TIANJIN) CO., LTD

The establishment and development of our company can not be separated from the great support of TEDA government for such a long term. For a long time, TEDA government takes the problems of the clients as the most important issue, and helps us overcome the actual difficulties faced by us with all effort. Therefore, we feel very deeply, and would like to express our sincere appreciation to them here.

We are deeply impressed and moved by the professionalism of all TEDA officials, so we hold our belief firmly that we will contribute more to the accelerating of TEDA economic development.

----Mr. Jim Busby,General Manager of CTS (TIANJIN) ELECTRONICS COMPANY,LTD.

TEDA is the best choice as the starting-up of SEW investment in China, while all shall owe to the excellent investment environment TEDA offers.

----Mr. Bek Tian Seng,SEW??EURODIVE (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

We decide to build up our plant in TEDA to be the primary manufacture base of Asia Pacific region, through the cautious investigation and comparison in the possible sites for our plant in China and other countries. There are many reasons for our decision, and here I just want to emphasize several points as followed: the high qualified import and export infrastructure, the stable public facilities, and effective government management in TEDA.

As one of the wholly owned foreign invested companies, undoubtedly our success is tied up with the great support of TEDA government. Through these 2 years cooperation, we are quite satisfied with the working efficiency of TEDA government.
We are looking forward to the future cooperation with TEDA, and deeply believe that to establish our factory in TEDA is a wise and correct decision.

----Mr. Lance,General Manager of Novo Nordisk (China) Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd


It is amazed to see TEDA's development.

----Mr. Inamori Kazuo,Honorable Chairman of Japan KYOCERA CORPORATION


We shall try all our best to make a better Tianjin.

----Mr. Jens Nielsen,General Manager of NOVO NORDISK (CHINA) BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD

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