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Business Cost
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1.General Situation


-Industrial Lands' evaluation: leveled ground elevation is 3.50-3.80m.

-Water level: the ground water in TEDA belongs to diving type. The water level changes between seasons. Buried depth of the immobile water is 0.60-0.80m.


-Depth of frozen lands in TEDA: 0.50-0.60m.


-Loading capacity of the ground: Standard value 5.5-8 Ton/m2 (accurate data for a specific land lot should be set by specific geologic survey).


According to the statistics in history, the highest tide in the Bohai Bay in the past 50 years was 4.7m, and highest tide in the past 100 years was 5.18m. Beside the eastern border, TEDA has already built the Donghai Road with elevation of the road center 5m high, which is enough to defend the highest tide in 100 years.


Additionally, the sea walls on 200m to the east of the Donghai road are pinned up to a 6.5m elevation, which is capable to defend the biggest tide in 200 years.

3.Quakeproof Defense

TEDA is located in the 7-degress quakeproof defense area defined by the State, and all the construction projects shall be designed according to the demand of 7-degree defense in the structure design.

4.Condition of the industrial lands in TEDA

Some parts of TEDA have been qualified as "Nine Connections & One Level", in which Internet and Satellite TV are also available. Elevation of the leveled site equals 3.5m. Water, power, drainage, heating, gas and other utilities' pipes and lines are connected to the red line (site border) of the site for customers.


Standard Industrial Workshop


In addition to encouraging the industrial clients to purchase lands and build workshops themselves, TEDA encourages real estate developers to construct industrial workshops to meet the needs of various industrial companies. Presently, the two largest industry workshops developers are:


A.TEDA Real Estate Development Co. (25321111)
B.Tianjin Jinbin Development Co. Ltd. (66299480)

Besides, TEDA has also attracted dozens of other real estate developers to start business in this area.

Prices and qualities of the workshops vary from each other, and companies shall negotiate directly with the developers. "Option to Purchase", or "Customer-tailor Building to Rent" modes can be adopted. Most of the workshops in TEDA are one-story light-steel structure with area from 2500 sq. m to 10,000 sq. m, and partial two-story offices area of brick-concrete frame structure.

1.Technical Indicators


Following are the indications for two types of workshops:


Workshop A:


 Building Area

6300 square meters


Single story, light steel structure, materials for steel structure provided by the Butler Co. of US

 Loading capacity

2 T/m2

 Indoor Height (net)

6 m (8.5m at highest point)

 Power Supply


 Water Supply

Pipe DN: 150Dg;  Pressure: 0.2mpa


All communication connection ready for use


Surrounding road opens to traffic

Workshop B:

 Building Area

3000 square meters


Double stories, brick-concrete frame structure

 Height of First Floor

5.4 m

 Loading capacity of First Floor

1.2 T/m2

 Loading capacity of Second Floor

0.5 T/m2

 Power Supply


 Water Supply

Pipe DN: 100 Dg


All communication connection ready for use


Surrounding road opens to traffic


- Other utilities supply except water and power, such as gas, heat, etc can be installed to the workshop according to the requirements of the clients;


- The standard workshop developers can provide services such as security, cleaning, landscaping, public facility maintenance, etc. for the workshops;


- The lessee shall bear the necessary expenses caused by any renovation of the workshop according to their own requirements.


- The lessee shall bear the meter-cost of energy consuming.

Please contact Overseas Investment Section of TEDA EDB for updated information about workshops and developers.

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